Selected papers

Lessons from the Sydney Basin

This article appeared in World Coal magazine in November 2014. It is a summary of a more detailed paper (see Thomson, S., Thomson, D., and Flood, P., 2014. Observations on the distribution of coal seam gas in the Sydney Basin and the development of a predictive model, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (2014) 0, 1–13) that provides a holistic geological model for the generation and subsurface distribution of gas in the Sydney Basin. The findings have relevance for other CBM basins worldwide.  

A model for gas distribution in coals of the Lower Hunter, Sydney Basin

Gas content and gas composition in the Permian coals of the Lower Hunter, Sydney Basin, show evidence of distinct layering that can be attributed to the tectonic history of the coal measures and the effects of meteoric waters.

PA Petroleum Industry Approach To Coal Mine Gas Drainage
An approach borrowed from the petroleum industry was applied to the gas development evaluation for the Bulga underground coal mine in New South Wales, Australia.

A Question of Balance - dispelling the myth of 'boggy ground' and other spurious claims in coal seam drilling
Directional drilling in Australian coal mining is a well-established technique for draining gas from coal, and rendering mining safe from the hazards of uncontrolled gas outbursts. A secondary use of the technique is for mine planning purposes as an exploration tool. Inseam drilling is now a $30M business in underground mining yet much of the reporting of drilling problems is qualitative at best and spurious at worst.

Maximising Coal Seam Methane Extraction through Advanced Drilling Technology
The Coal Seam Gas industry in Australia has the choice of drilling technologies to maximise extraction of the gas contained within coal seams.

The role of Directional Drilling for Safety in Coal Mining
Proceedings of the 11th Turkish Coal Congress, 10-12 June 1998, Bartin-Amasra, Turkey.

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