Our Labs.

CoalBed Laboratories Pty Ltd (CoalBed Labs) is a leading, respected and competitive authority in compliance and exploration analysis for underground and open cut coal mines, we supply on-site, laboratory-based testing and consultancy services. CoalBed Labs is specialised in data integration and advanced remote site-based laboratories with proven experience in Australian and International projects.

CoalBed Labs prides itself on its attention to detail and providing accurate, precise, meaningful data; we achieve this through strict quality systems, compliance with current Australian and International standards and a true understanding of the data and its processes.

CoalBed Labs is backed by 80+ years of combined industry experience; our experience and expertise enables us to provide tailored solutions to our client’s site-specific needs. We actively research, develop, innovate new and improved techniques including collaborations with industry peers, and studies for the greater improvement of knowledge and systems.

Some of our services include:

· In-situ Gas Content and Composition
· Gas Desorption Analysis (AS3980)
· Adsorption Isotherm Analysis
· Coal Quality Analysis
· Remote and Tailored Laboratory Solutions
· Data Analysis and Interpretation
· Laboratory Consultancy Services

Our gas desorption and gas composition laboratory provide services to our clients with an emphasis on tailor-made solutions to individual needs.  We specialise in mobile and / or on-site facilities that ensure a fast turnaround of results and responsive reporting.  Our goal is to integrate with production activities and provide an essential and highly specialised service that allows operations to get on with the important aspects of their own core business.
CoalBed Laboratories’ quality systems are designed, implemented and maintained in accordance with AS/NZ 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025, CoalBed Labs is working towards NATA certification in 2020.